How to Access Your Course

Not Registered Yet

First you need to register for the course. Click on the Register link in the log-in tool in the side bar to the right.

PLEASE NOTE: After you have submitted your User Name and email address you will receive an email with your initial password. Please check to make sure this email has not gone into your spam folder. If, after a little while you have not received this email your registration request has gone wrong somehow. Please try again.

Already Registered

If  you have already registered then:

Step 1: Log in using the right hand sidebar

If this is the first time you have logged in then use the password that was emailed to you but please go to your profile and change your password. Point to the “Howdy username” in the top right of the window and choose “Edit my Profile”.

Step 2: Click on “Growing the Servant Heart” in the menu bar

You are routed to the course introduction page

Step 3: Scroll to ”Lessons” at  the bottom of the course introduction page

Step 4: Click on the desired lesson

You are routed to the lesson introduction page

Step 5:  Scroll to bottom of the page and click on the desired topic.

You will be routed to the topic.

Cannot Enter a New Topic

If you cannot enter the desired topic please check that you have marked the previous topic as completed. You can do this by entering the topic and clicking the button at the bottom of the topic page.

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