These notes accompany the Leading the JourneyEncouraging Vision and Leading Change with a Servant Heart module in the Growing the Servant Heart on-line course. This course is available free of charge at

One of the most significant tasks of a leader is to lead a group of people, whether they are a team or a whole organisation, on the journey to achieve their shared vision for the future. That is the thing to which they are committed because it will bring about a difference that is worth all the effort.  The vision may be substantial or equally it may be limited and local in scope. In any event it is a view of a preferred and different future and achieving it, by definition means change.  This is because the things in view will be made different than they are now. Thus that journey to bring about a vision is inherently one of change. It is the leader’s responsibility to help all those on the journey to successfully negotiate that process and achieve the journey’s end.

This lesson investigates how the Christ-centred servant leader can lead that important process of developing and communicating a vision that is in step with the Kingdom. It goes on to look at the issue of engaging and leading people on that journey of change as they seek to bring the vision to reality.

On the way, we examine the vision led journeys of change that were embarked upon by Abraham, Nehemiah and Moses and the Israelites. In this we seek to ground our learning in the Bible and so keep a Kingdom perspective as we look at the insights to be gained from secular leaders.

The Growing the Servant Heart programme is about providing practical tools to help the Christian leader function day-to-day. As such, the tools and approaches have been selected because they are supportive of the values and objectives of the Christ-centred servant leader.

At the end of this lesson, as the student, you will have:

  • Considered Biblical perspectives on vision and the journey of change.
  • Examined how to develop and communicate a vision that is consistent with Kingdom values.
  • Reviewed the Exodus as a Biblical case study of change.
  • Considered key leadership issues concerning the process of change.
  • Investigated an 8 step model as a guide for leading change.


This module of Growing the Servant Heart can stand alone but is best considered having completed The Jesus Model, Leading Through Insight, Leading Through Others and Leading Through Relationships modules.  These can be found at


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