Welcome to Reflections on Leadership

Reflections on Leadership is the second lesson in the Growing the Servant Heart on-line programme for Christian leaders.

It’s part two of  The Jesus Model Module.

This module reflects upon the nature of leaders from the secular perspective and allows the student to compare this with what was discovered discovered about Christ-centred leadership in the previous “Exploring Leadership in the Kingdom” module. In this context it also introduces the idea of organisational culture and how a leader’s outlook and behaviour can determine that culture and thus raises the question about the impact of one’s leadership style. Is it of the world or the Kingdom and what impact does that have on churches and organisations which serve God?

Reflections on Leadership:

  • Considers the world’s myths about leadership and in response reviews the realities.
  • Looks more broadly at what leadership is and provides an opportunity to integrate the lessons from “Exploring Leadership in the Kingdom”
  • Examines organisational culture and the impact of the leader on that culture.

Student Notes

About the Lesson

At the end of this lesson the student will:

  • Have considered the nature of leadership and how traditional secular views affect how leaders and organisations behave.
  • Have been challenged with the impact of Christ-centred servant leadership in comparison to the world’s approaches to leadership.
  • Discover six leadership behaviours that are important in the establishment of healthy and unhealthy organisational cultures.

Students should complete the “Exploring Leadership in the Kingdom” before commencing this module.

The lesson is split into 5 main topics using video, which you can access from the topic list bellow. It is self-paced so you don’t have to complete it in one sitting. The total time of the video presentations is about 60  minutes. Additionally you will frequently be invited to pause and take a moment to consider the implications of what has been discussed.  You will find that having a Bible and note book by your side is essential.

Accompanying each lesson are downloadable Student Notes.  They are almost verbatim records of the videos and so they can help you follow and review the video lessons. However you almost certainly want to pause the videos to consider the scripture passages and also take notes for yourself.


To allow translation, the Student notes for each lesson topic are also reproduced on the topic page. You can use the Google Translate facility, at the top of the sidebar, to choose the language for translation.